New Employees Face More Risks

January 7, 2011

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Did you know that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately thirty-five percent of workers injured on the job have been with their employer for less than twelve months?

Why are new workers more likely to be hurt? One reason is new employees are often unaware of how they can be injured in the workplace. They may not understand how to safely perform the job, and especially what not to do.

Employers may not include safety in new employee orientation out of a belief that "common sense" will keep workers from committing unsafe acts.

Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge-not a lack of common sense-is more often the problem. Including safety training in employee orientation can help your employees gain the knowledge they need to avoid injury.

Some important tips
 Explain safety rules before assigning jobs. Employees are more likely to follow rules if they understand the reasons for them. Give each employee a copy of the rules for future reference.
 Encourage employees to ask questions if they don't understand what they are being asked to do.
 Point out workplace hazards and discuss how to avoid injury, including what not to do.
 Make sure employees understand never to operate machines unless trained and authorized to do so.
 Explain how lockout devices prevent injuries, and why not to remove them.

Knowledge and effective communication are the keys to accident prevention. Always encourage discussion-it promotes understanding. Put these principles to work and give your employees the tools they need to work safely!

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