What They Do on Their Own Time Is Their Business…

November 19, 2010

Provided by Federated Insurance

Your employee is running late as he quickly returns to the shop for some materials he's forgotten. As he passes through a school zone, he fails to notice a car slowly pulling to a stop in front of him. He suddenly brakes, but can't stop in time. A young mother and child are critically injured.

Your driver is cited for speeding and careless driving. Within days, both he and your company are named in a lawsuit.

As the owner of the business, you find yourself on the witness stand facing the family's attorney. He asks if you knew that your driver had received three citations for speeding in the last two years. How would you respond?

In many states, the personal driving records of employees can be used in litigation against employers if those employees are involved in accidents with company vehicles. The harsh reality is that what employees do on their own time can become your business.

Every business owner may benefit from establishing a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Program. The good news is that an MVR Program is easy to establish. Here are some simple steps:

  1. Establish and communicate firm and fair standards of driving performance, both on and off the job.
  2. Order MVRs on potential new hires and annually on drivers.
  3. Compare the MVRs to the standards for safe driving that you have established.
  4. Document performance, counsel drivers, and restrict access to vehicles if necessary.

Federated can help you set up an MVR program and offers a driver insurability service to screen your prospective drivers. It is a simple step to check a person's driving history, and that step may save your business and quite possibly a life.

This article provided courtesy of Federated Mutual Insurance Company, your association’s recommended insurer.  This publication is intended to provide general recommendations regarding risk prevention.  It is not intended to include all steps or processes necessary to adequately protect you, your business or your customers. You should always consult your personal attorney and insurance professional for advice unique to you and your business.  ©Copyright 2010 Federated Mutual Insurance Company, All Rights Reserved. 

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