Are Promotions Dangerous?

November 2, 2009

By Bill Harrison

Have you ever promoted a really good tech to a foreman’s position; and lost a good tech and gotten a mediocre foreman?

Maybe you have promoted someone to VP and lost a good manager and gained a poor VP?

I see this all the time; much of my individual coaching is spent with just such folks. Why does this happen you ask?

Always remember this –The skills that cause someone to be recognized as a top performer will work against them when they are promoted to the next level.

Most are recognized for their individual skill sets and ability to “git ‘er done”. As folks move up the ladder they are required to get things accomplished through others; a major change from doing it yourself.

Delegation and training skills are most often lacking when someone is promoted. Give them these skills before the promotion and good things happen; otherwise it might be a disaster.

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