Do I Still Hear Whining?

August 7, 2009

By Bill Harrison

As I travel around the country for various associations, I am still hearing some whining from many folks. Enough already!

It is time to stop whining and to start paying attention. Stop watching the national news; even if you are a national contractor. All business is local; same for politics. Get a firm grasp on your own market and don’t be concerned with what is happening thousands of miles away.

Listen very carefully to what your customers are saying and what they are wanting from you. And it is not always the lowest price. Whether it is service or new construction, the customer wants the best value for the price. When the customer feels that everyone out there is equally mediocre; they might as well go for the lowest price.

And it’s time to take a very careful look at all the careless practices you permitted when everything was rocking and rolling. Don’t tell me you weren’t good at wasting thousands of dollars a week; or even in a day. I have seen it! And we know you accepted mediocre performance from some team members; and you still are. Why were some of the first cuts so easy? Shame on you for accepting such limited performance.

What about yourself? Are you at the top of your game or are you hunkered down in fear? Companies need real leaders now; and you can do it. Yes, it is time to make the tough decisions. Talking about it is not doing it! I trust that is clear. Yes, I know some of the decisions will not be easy. But they are necessary! They are necessary now! Make them. Pay attention – make the tough decisions – pay attention – continue to adjust.

You can make this a good year for you!

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