What to do with Your ā€œCā€ Players?

February 2, 2009

What to do with Your “C” Players?
By Bill Harrison

This has become a hot topic as the New Year begins. First, let’s define what we mean by a “C” player.

The first definition is a team member who does not perform at the level required to make his work profitable for the company. The second definition is a team member who adversely affects other team members and causes them to become less productive. These are individual definitions but could be the same person in some circumstances. Anyone fitting either definition is a “C” player and is hurting the team.

Many “C” players are hard working, have a great personality, show up early and stay late. They just don’t get profitable results for the company. Some get fair results but are the “trouble makers” who bring down other team member’s performance.

Do you have any “C” players? I can almost hear the names coming to your mind right now. All your “C” players should become a “free agent” before the week is out. How about doing it today!

You can expect that within a very short time your remaining team members will thank you for removing the non-performer. You will also be sending a very important message to everyone as the New Year begins. You will be letting them know that management is going to take the team to a new level of performance.

Who wins when you take this action? Everyone! Your team members and your customers will appreciate the new level of excellence and performance. This is what top management must demand and require! Removing the “C” players is the first step in your constant improvement program. If fact, you can’t expect improvement with “C” players still on your team.

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