There's a Fee for Sending Mail?

November 24, 2008

There's a Fee for Sending Mail?
By Adams Hudson

Ok, anyone who send out any sort of mail to their database – which should be all of you – it’s time to listen up. As of November 23, 2008 postal regulations will changes the way standard mail can be sent.

The United States Postal Service handled 9.7 billion pieces of mail at a cost of $1.8 billion. The new regulations hope to cut costs by ensuring that all mail reaches its intended recipient at the correct address. What exactly is changing?

As of the November 23, 2008 deadline, any piece sent by standard mail must come from a list that has been updated within the last 95 days. If the mail is undeliverable, you can be charged a return fee.

For more details, contact the post office where you drop off your mailings, or go tothe Post Offices' Postal Explorer.

Adams Hudson
Adams Hudson is president of Hudson, Ink “Creative Marketing that Works.” His company creates a full line of marketing tools for contractors including Customer Retention newsletters, Yellow Page ads, “turn-key” Marketing PowerPacks and custom copywriting. You can get a free subscription to his “Sales & Marketing Insider” by faxing your letterhead to 334-262-1115 with the request. Also check out on the web for free marketing tips or call 1-800-489-9099 for more info.

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