Stealth Marketing with Radius Mailings

October 30, 2008

Stealth Marketing with Radius Mailings
By Adams Hudson

The concept of Radius Marketing is as basic as “like attracts like.”  You know the saying “birds of a feather flock together”?  Likewise, neighborhoods tend to have homes of the same age, in the same condition and with the same needs.  The similar demographics also include that all-important demographic of “household income” and ability to pay.
Since their choice of neighborhoods parallel, so do other buying patterns.  From eateries to dry cleaning, to home maintenance, there is much predictive buying behavior, in very limited or “acceptable” brackets of choices.

Also called “Proximity Marketing,” the in-home service provider who uses it essentially builds momentum of a single visit into a “connection” to the group and leverages his “pre-approval” to many others.  It is ingenious, low-cost, and shockingly effective.

After the job, send postcards that “Link” your neighborhood visit with a special offer to other neighbors.  Using the address or name of the neighbor generates better response, so get approval.

With neighborhoods, there is a greater chance that the people living there are more like your current customers and will be more receptive to your mailings.  That means the Radius Mailing could range from dozens to hundreds of addresses.  Your intent should be to assimilate “like kind” customers generated from a single service call.

Proximity marketing is a fast way to multiply income and effort by engineering “word of mouth” faster than humanly possible otherwise. The entire effort is pennies on the dollar versus broad-market advertising.  It’s far more targeted, gets much better response, and is a more efficient use of windshield time.

Adams Hudson
Adams Hudson is president of Hudson, Ink “Creative Marketing that Works.” His company creates a full line of marketing tools for contractors including Customer Retention newsletters, Yellow Page ads, “turn-key” Marketing PowerPacks and custom copywriting. You can get a free subscription to his “Sales & Marketing Insider” by faxing your letterhead to 334-262-1115 with the request. Also check out on the web for free marketing tips or call 1-800-489-9099 for more info.

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