Keep Your Trucks Non-Partisan

September 17, 2007

By: Matt Michel

When it comes to your service trucks, third party bumper stickers of any sort are a bad idea.  The prospective customer behind your truck might have the polar opposite music tastes of your technician.  His kids may share your tech’s music tastes, arousing a degree of irritation over the Zoo Freak sticker you tech added to the back window in a fit of self expression.  Don’t risk turning off a customer unnecessarily.

Remember, the real estate on your truck has value.  Anything that takes up space should either add to your mobile marketing message or generate an advertising income stream.  If the rock station pays the city to advertise on municipal buses, why should you give your mobile real estate away?

The same thing that’s true about music is also true about sports teams.  In fact, sports teams can be worse.  If you live in Alabama and allow your tech to put a “Roll Tide” sticker on the truck, you’ve just turned of every Auburn fanatic who sees it.

Worse than sports or music are political messages.  Unless you only want to do work for one side or the other , strip any political or social messages that might have found their way on your trucks. 

Look around.  You don’t see political stickers on the front doors of any retail establishments.  You shouldn’t allow them on the back of your trucks, no matter how strongly you or your technician might feel about either candidate.

Put a yard sign in front of your house if you want.  Put a bumper sticker on the family minivan.  Keep politics out of your business!

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