Long Term Leadership Success, Part 2

May 14, 2007

At the 2007 PHCC Leadership Conference, Foundation sponsored speaker Bruce Wilkinson demonstrated how following a One Voice Leadership Philosophy can assist leaders at all levels in achieving both association and contractor success. Increased competition, regulatory compliance concerns, employee/member retention and finding qualified people to work are just a few of the many challenges that association executives and contractor leaders can help solve when they adopt a philosophy of One Voice Advocacy. Below are a number of quotes that Bruce uses when speaking to help reinforce his message.


  • Establishing Organizational Goals:  Goals should be:  challenging, specific, realistic, attainable, measurable and understood by employees.
  • In the old workplace we had the chain of command.  In the new workplace it is more effective to have a chain of communication.
  • Without demonstrated “accountability” there is no employee “believability.”
  • The education element in each training program gives the employee the why and the reason for what we ask them to do.  It’s the buy in that creates ownership!
  • Employers are required to reasonably protect you, from you, in spite of you!


  • If an employee is genuinely surprised that they have been terminated-it’s usually leadership’s fault!
  • This is the decade of documentation and if it wasn’t written down, it never happened!
  • Employees are the company to your customers and they are also the company to the courts!
  • Being Number One means consistently exceeding the expectations, efforts and effectiveness of who ever is number two.
  • Leaders who win the respect of others are the ones who deliver more than they promise, not the ones who promise more than they can deliver.


  • Being Number One means consistently exceeding the expectations, efforts and effectiveness of who ever is number two.
  • Do not behave like the type of person you do not want your kids to grow up to be!
  • You don’t get everything you want or deserve in life, but you can get most of the things you work hard for and earn.
  • Good organizations motivate and educate their employees to follow rules – great organizations motivate and educate their employees to set standards.
  • Imagination without implementation is like having goals and dreams that never come true!


  • When you respell the word LISTEN – it spells SILENT.
  • It’s not about the choices that you have – It’s about the choices you make.
  • What would your goals be if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  • Leadership should admit when they make mistakes because employees already know when they have been made.
  • Words whisper, actions scream.


  • Luck is when preparations meet opportunity – bad luck is when opportunity arrives and you are not prepared.
  • REMEMBER:  Always go for the GOLD in people, quality, service and performance!
  • You as Leaders are the message… You are the ones who help form the employee’s trust and belief in the organization’s culture.
  • Anyone who lies to get a job will lie to keep one!
  • Access your employee’s perceptions, then explain realities.


  • Chose choices that create chances.
  • Create a matching workplace culture and climate that treats each team employee with respect and dignity.  Do not criticize individuals in front of co-workers and other personnel.  Treat employees the way they need to be treated!
  • An inspired or motivated feeling may fade – but an educated and reinforced belief may last forever.
  • Managers who learn leadership realize that they have the right to not know what you don’t know.
  • Communication is the ability to talk to each other. Effective communication is the ability to listen and understand each other.


  • It’s the little moments of gratitude that make a difference in attitude.
  • People need to feel the hope so that they can sense the help.
  • Everyone needs to have self worth and feel like they make a difference in order to be an effective contributor to a team.
  • Most employees don’t quit organizations – they quit bosses.
  • Managers will master the paperwork – but leaders will always be proficient at the peoplework.



(c) 2007 Bruce S. Wilkinson. Reprinted with permission. Learn more at www.WilkinsonSpeaker.com or by calling 504-368-2994.


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