It Doesn't Matter What YOU Think

December 25, 2006

The Mousetrap Series…by Matt Michel

The Mousetrap Series is about helping you sell more mousetraps, no matter what the mousetrap is that you sell. I don’t care how good your mousetrap is, few people will buy it if you do not market it well.

3. It Doesn’t Matter What You Think

On the Monday following one of the more memorable Super Bowls, I had a meeting at an ad agency. It wasn’t a memorable Super Bowl for the game (ho hum, yawn, blow out). It was memorable for the advertising. It was before the dot com bust when Internet companies, flush with more money than sense, sponsored "smart," "clever," "cool," humorous ads that did very little to stimulate brand awareness or recognition, but were masterful expressions of ad agency creativity. Not surprisingly, the agency guys I was meeting with loved them. I’m sure the sponsors probably loved them as well. Television can be a big ego trip.

The agency guys hated one spot. It was totally silent, with a test pattern on the screen. Rolling across the screen was text saying something to the effect of, "We spend a ton of money on a really great commercial for this expensive Super Bowl spot, but it didn’t arrive in time because we didn’t use Fed Ex."

Yep, the ad guys hated that spot. No productive value (i.e., it didn't cost much). Little creativity (i.e., it wouldn't win a CLIO). BUT, it was one of the most memorable spot according to the morning after recall tests. At least, it was the most memorable for the brand name.

So what’s the point? The point is that a lot of people spent a whole lot of money on ads that they liked, but that didn’t do a thing to move product or create brand recognition. Unfortunately, lots of marketing is similar. The owners like it. The agencies like it. The prospects are bored by it.

It doesn’t matter what you think. You are not the buyer. You are too close to your products, services, and company to think like the buyer. The only thing that matters is what works.

You may like an ad or marketing method or you may hate it. It doesn’t matter what you think. Remove yourself from the equation. You do not matter. What matters is what works.

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