Attributes of Leaders Part 2

May 15, 2006

By: Bill Harrison

Continued from Part 1.

Attribute #3:
A leader has a vision of what the future could be; and works persistently to achieve that vision. A leader does not let the slings and arrows of the daily grind sway them from their vision. A leader also shares that vision with others of a like mind and then gathers around himself a powerful team of people that share that vision.

Sometimes the leader persuades others to share that vision. The market place is replete with the names of people that had a powerful vision and made that vision happen - no matter what. People like Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Sam Walton, J. C. Penny, Steve Jobs and hundreds of others.

The list of those who had a vision, but gave up, would be a far longer. The very best people in any industry are drawn to the person with a vision and the willingness to work towards that vision.

If you started your own business, you had a vision; even if not well defined at that point in time. Now is the time to make that vision a reality. Create the future you want – and deserve.

Attribute #4:
Are you thinking about taking a trip? Can you imagine going to the ticket counter of any airline? Do you believe the lines are usually long? Good! Now keep that picture in your mind’s eye.

When the agent asks you where you are going, you just stare at them blankly. He asks again: “Where are you going?” You still stare blankly. You have no clue.

Can you imagine some unrest in the long line behind you? How can you or your team reach a destination you can not define? What are your goals for profit, cost reductions, labor hours saved? Does everyone on the team know them? What are your targets for being the lead dog in your field?

Remember, how can you hit a target you do not have?

Bill Harrison is President of the Phoenix Leadership Institute, Inc. and can be reached at (703) 909-8230 or by e-mail:

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