Selling Mindset

August 15, 2005

By: Matt Michel

Running your company is about more than simply marketing your company to consumers. It’s about the end game. It’s about your exit strategy.

We used to move a lot. By the time my oldest daughter was five, she had lived in four different houses. Soon after she was born, we moved across the country. Before she turned two, we moved back. A few years later we moved again.

Prior to each move, we went into a flurry of activity. We fixed an array of problems that accumulated around the house. We painted. We started new projects. We improved the landscaping. In short, we did everything we could to make the house more attractive to buyers.

Each time, my wife and I would wonder why we didn’t fix all of this stuff while we had time to enjoy it. The reason, of course, is that we were *living* in the house, not *selling* the house. You act different when you’re selling.

Now, think about your business. Whether you ever plan to sell your business or not, what if you acted as though you were getting your business ready to sell? My bet is that you would make different decisions. You would run your company in a different manner. You would fix the nagging, irritating little problems you might otherwise put up with.

Running a company as though you were trying to make it attractive to a potential buyer imposes a discipline upon management. Even if you never sell, you build a stronger, more professional company. If and when you do want to sell, it makes your company more attractive. Plus, you never know when someone might call you with the offer you can’t refuse.

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