Refuse to Be Average Part 2

July 5, 2005

A Business Owner's Guide to Contractor Education

By: John Zink

Benefits of Education Can Depend How it’s Delivered.

  • In-Person Seminars May be Your Best Bet

  • Books and video programs offer great training flexibility, but at a cost. The book or video that is there whenever you are ready for it may never make it off the shelf. Without the element of a deadline, human nature too easily allows us put off using this learning opportunity forever.

    In-person seminars and training courses are inherently “use it or lose it” educational opportunities. Put it off and you will miss out. Find an event you want to attend and pay the registration fee early—a few months in advance if possible. Consider this block of time as untouchable. The registration fee you have already paid will give you a solid way to fend off potential schedule conflicts.

  • Finding the Best Seminars

  • When choosing seminars to attend, keep an eye out for speaker names you see often. If they are in demand, it is usually because they do the best job of teaching. If possible, attend one of the instructor’s sessions yourself before sending your employees.

    Look for instructors who ask the audience questions at the beginning of their sessions. These instructors are learning about the skill and experience level of the attendees so they can adapt their presentation to fit.

    Keep in mind that the best seminars combine instruction from the speaker with hands-on exercises that reinforce learning. Even better are sessions that get attendees working on exercises in groups. This forces attendees to talk and network with others in the class.

    Active association members regularly say that networking opportunities are the most powerful benefit of membership. Remember that a five-minute conversation with someone in a seminar could help you or your employees find solutions to problems that have plagued your company for years.

    It’s all About Opportunities.
  • Refuse to be an Average Company.

  • By participating in educational programs and training, you are giving yourself, your employees and your company opportunities to gain knowledge that will help save time, money and headaches. Depriving your company of these opportunities ensures that it will never be better than average. Something that you have invested your life’s work to build deserves every opportunity to become phenomenally successful.

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