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October 21, 2004

Lifelong Training is a Requirement of Success!

By: Adams Hudson

Having just returned from 8 days out of town (seminars) I now remember why I don't leave often: It's the "coming back" part that'll send chills up your spine! (In fact, my spine is my only electrical network that doesn't get emails. Jeepers, 310 in my Inbox.)

I also took 26 pages of notes at a copywriting and marketing seminar. I guess someone needs to actually "do" these 400 great ideas. Oh, and with all this great new stuff, when are we going to finish that project with a "deadline" that passed 30 days ago?

Yes, I'm just like you are. Lots to do in less time for more people, more often.

"And your point is...?"

There was a lesson inside the lesson. The keynote speaker was Mark Victor Hansen ("Chicken Soup" co-creator, 105,000,000 books and counting). I listened to his remarkable story of bankruptcy, challenges and whirlwind success, publishing 92 titles in 8 years, becoming a fixture on all Best Seller Lists. Yet when he was in the audience, he did the most incredible thing:

He took notes. Listened attentively. Got stuff from some of the other 11 speakers and authors.

It seems the learners never quit learning. The achievers never stop achieving. Success never sleeps. Personal improvement takes investment of time and money. (This makes me feel better since we spent over $4000 to attend and purchase some educational tools!)

But in doing so, we're virtually forced to use them. Guess who benefits?

You. And me. In that order.

Sure, I could limp along as a half-asleep copywriter. We can keep publishing newsletters 'til the planet runs out of ink. But if I don't learn how to do this better, why should you pay me another dime? Now pretend your customers ask the same of you.

The most successful contractors I know are always at industry training events.

They always take notes. Always say it was valuable (unless they attend my seminar!) You may be looking at your desk feeling overwhelmed and underpaid. Make it a point to keep learning, earning, and turning yourself into something better.

The best always do... and that includes you.

Adams Hudson is president of Hudson, Ink “Creative Marketing that Works.” His company creates a full line of marketing tools for contractors including Customer Retention newsletters, Yellow Page ads, “turn-key” Marketing PowerPacks and custom copywriting. You can get a free subscription to his “Sales & Marketing Insider” by faxing your letterhead to 334-262-1115 with the request. Also check out on the web for free marketing tips or call 1-800-489-9099 for more info.

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