Using TLC on the Jobsite

January 28, 2004

Use Extra TLC For Light Commercial Jobs

By: Jim Olsztynski

Most residential service companies also handle light commercial jobs. In doing so, it’s extremely important for service techs to understand some special considerations needed to avoid disrupting the business at hand.

A client is liable to get quite annoyed at a repair or maintenance job that not only costs him for the service, but drives business away in the process.

Here are some tips to minimize disruptions:

— If at all possible, perform the work after the client’s business hours, even if this means off-hours at premium pay for your work crew.

— Level with the inspector. If you foresee any problems with the job, let the inspector know ahead of time instead of trying to talk your way into a variance after the work gets done. They’ll be more likely to bend the rules in your favor if you invite them to help solve a problem.

— Do all you can to minimize dust in the business area, especially when working around salesable merchandise. If it’s a long project, block off work areas with plywood walls, and consider painting the walls to make them more attractive.

Gaps between panels and walls or ceiling should be sealed with strong plastic tape. Also seal gaps between panels, even small ones, with tape or plastic.

— Minimize noise by using power tools as far away from customer traffic as possible. Maybe you can schedule the noisiest work for after-hours or at least when business traffic is slowest.

— Be extra considerate in removing debris from the work area, even if this means more removal trips than normal.

— Enforce a dress code around job sites. If not uniforms, at least no torn clothing, shirts tucked in, etc.

Remember, these special treatments cost money. Build enough into the job price to support them.

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