Ensure Hiring Success Part 2

September 13, 2003

How to Avoid Hiring Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes!

By: Greg Smith

A structured approach helps avoid bias and gives all applicants a fair chance. The best ways to accomplish this is by using behavioral based questions and situational questions. Here are some examples:

Behavior Based Questions
Behavioral based questions are used to evaluate the applicant's past behavior, experience and initiative such as:

  • Give me an example when you...

  • Describe an incident where you went over and beyond the call of duty...

  • Tell me about the time you reached out for additional responsibility...

  • Tell me about the largest project you worked on...

  • Tell me about the last time you broke the rules...

Situational Based Questions
Situational based questions evaluate the applicant's judgment ability and knowledge. The interviewer first gives the applicant a hypothetical situation such as:

"You are a manager and one of your employees has just told you that he thinks another worker is stealing tools from the shop."
  • What should you do?

  • What additional information should you obtain?

  • How many options do you have?

  • When or if should you call the police?

The traditional interview is never 100% reliable. Yes, a structured approach will improve your chances, but it is important to go one step further.

Pre-Employment Profiles
Pre-employment profiles are an important aspect of the hiring process for a growing number of employers. By using various assessments and profiles organizations have been able to help clients reduce turnover and improve the quality of the workforce. Behavioral assessments have proven to be an effective tool for improving the management of an organization and allow targeted selection. They provide an accurate analysis of employee's behaviors and attitudes otherwise left to subjective judgment. See the "Personality Assessments" series in the Facts and Stats archive for more information on these hiring tools.

Gregory P. Smith shows businesses how to build productive and profitable work environments that attract, keep, and motivate their workforce. He is the author of the book, Here Today Here Tomorrow: Transforming Your Workforce from High Turnover to High-Retention. He speaks at conferences, conducts management training, and is the President of a management consulting firm called Chart Your Course International located in Conyers, Georgia. Phone him at 770-860-9464. More articles available: http://www.chartcourse.com

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