Using P.S. to Sell Part 1

August 6, 2003

9 P.S. Ideas For Your Sales Letters

By: By Ray Jutkins

Research has shown that 79% of all people who open your direct mail will read the P.S. first, before reading anything else in the letter, or any other part of the mail package.

So, what is in a P.S.? Your P.S. can be strong - or soft. It can be hard-sell, or very soft and comfortable. It can remind and suggest and recommend - or it can be tough and tell your audience what to do. Your P.S. may recommend how the two of you might do business together. Or it might suggest a certain purchase could be a good buy.

The P.S. might come on heavy to your reader, and tell them who and when and how to call, to take this action. And to do all of this by "X" date or they'll miss the deadline. Hard or soft - neither is right. Or wrong. They are just different. Here are 9 things that can be in your P.S.

P.S. Idea #1. Remind your reader of a premium, a gift, a special "something" they will get, earn, make, save - IF they respond. Remind them of your "goodies"! The extras you bring - your offer.

P.S. Idea #2. Emphasize your guarantee. A product or service guarantee in direct mail can play a critical role in reaching your objective. People get "comfortable" with you when you talk guarantee. This can be particularly important when your audience has not previously done business with you.

P.S. Idea #3. Talk about savings. Talk about money, and what can be earned, or saved. Talk profits. Talk bottom-line results. Talk measurability. Facts and figures get attention - use them in your P.S.

P.S. Idea #4. Repeat your key benefits. You may have a laundry list of product and service benefits ... yet you know the top of the list has 2 or 3 or maybe 4 real reasons why people do business with you. In your P.S. remind your readers of these key benefits.

Ray Jutkins specializes in direct mail promotions. He can be reached at,,, phone 928-785-9400, fax 810-815-2520. Mail: Ray Jutkins, Rockingham*Jutkins*Marketing, Rockingham Ranch, Roll, AZ 85347-0066 USA.

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