Pre-Construction Planning Part 5 of 5

March 20, 2003

It does not have to be built like it’s shown!

Most non design-build projects tend to be built just as they are shown on the contract drawings. Yes, the contract drawings are diagrammatic and lack a lot of detail, but usually we tend to follow the engineer’s prompting for routing, sizing, and general layout of equipment. Why? Because we don’t take the time to pre-plan before beginning to install the work.

As contractors, we must learn that engineers often choose a routing arbitrarily and that many engineers are open-minded to contractor requests for use of a different route, etc. Today, computer-aided design (CAD) allows a contractor to quickly redesign or revise a set of drawings for submittal to the engineer for approval. More often than not, an engineer will approve the drawings if the engineer’s basic design and intent remain intact.

CAD is an excellent tool for use in the pre-construction planning phase of a project. It can produce drawings that can be checked for interference and then instantly revise those drawings with an acceptable alternate routing; and it is invaluable for use after fabricated work has been identified in the preconstruction planning of fabrication.

CAD can economically produce:

  • Coordination Drawings

  • Drawings

  • Fabrication/Spool Drawings

  • Record/As-Built Drawings

CAD can increase profitability by allowing you to:
  • Create easy to implement company standard field & fabrication details

  • Create historical reference documents

  • Easily update as-builts

  • Easily revise drawings to incorporate design changes

  • Identify interference points with other trades

If we take the time to pre-plan before construction, we can potentially save thousands of dollars on a single project and greatly increase profitability. Investigate CAD to see if your company could benefit from use of this management tool.

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