July 15, 2011

By Bill Harrison

Anyone familiar with the phrase: "It is tough to remember you came to drain the swamp when you are up to your behind in alligators"? Do you sometimes sit down at the end of the day and ask: "What the heck did I get done to-day?

Maybe you are losing focus.

Well, remember this: When the "boss" loses focus; we are all in trouble.

Now the "boss" could be anyone in a managerial or supervisory position; not just the president or owner, etc. Of course, when the top dog loses focus, the entire organization has problems.

The bad news is that construction is like juggling seven or eight balls and they are all greased. With so much coming at us so fast, it is a challenge to keep our eye on the ball. The good news is that we can learn to use an existing tool to keep us more focused.

Major focus!
The primary focus must always be on making a profit!

No one in the industry can afford to do a job for the practice. Also, too many folks believe their focus should be on getting the job done. We must reframe that to getting the job done and making money.

Now, there is no doubt that profit margins are shrinking, but net profit is still net profit; even if only 1%.

So, use accurate job cost reporting to keep you fo-cused on what is actually happening and to get you focused on solutions when things are off track. Keep those reports as current as possible; otherwise they become history lessons - and useless.

Get the right folks together and find solutions; they can be found. But not if we are focused on blame and whining about what just happened. In this industry "stuff" happens. Get over it - focus on solutions.

You can't find solutions you are not looking for!

If you are a "boss", remember you don't have to have all the answers. Your task is to get the right folks in the room.

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