Foundation Help for PHCC Chapters

The PHCC Educational Foundation has many resources available for PHCC chapters, from seminar speakers to content for newsletters. The list below is a good starting point, but do not hesitate to contact the Foundation staff at (800) 533-7694 if there is something else we may be able to assist with.

Seminar Speakers
Available through the Foundation Seminar Series, Sponsored by Kohler
 The Foundation regularly works with a great team of speakers for seminar events. These speakers have roots in our industry and have proven that they can do a great job presenting information to our contractor audiences.

If you need a seminar speaker for a chapter meeting, state convention or other event, take a look through the list of speakers and topics available through the Foundation. We can help with the logistics of booking & getting our speakers to your event, typically at a cost less than what you would be charged if you contact the speaker directly. With support from Kohler, the Foundation is also able to sponsor a number of seminars each year.

The Foundation, PHCC-National Association's membership department and state & local PHCC chapters frequently partner on educational seminar events that the chapter can use as a recruitment tool for new members. Please contact the PHCC National office at (800) 533-7694 if you are interested.

You can access the speaker and topic list from our seminars web page.

Chapter Presentations
The expense of bringing a professional speaker out for a meeting can sometimes be beyond the budget for a chapter. The Foundation has a growing number of presentations that can be done by a local contractor volunteer who is comfortable getting up and talking in front of a crowd. PowerPoint presentations and recorded train-the-trainer webinars give these volunteers the tools they need to feel comfortable as the "expert" when they are talking in front of their peers. Contact the Foundation to see what presentations are currently available.

Available through the Foundation Seminar Series, Sponsored by Kohler
The Foundation presents roughly two new webinar sessions each month. We notify PHCC members via online newsletters and other communications, but PHCC chapters have the extra opportunities to let their members know about these educational opportunities that are available to their members at absolutely no cost. Some of our chapters have even submitted our webinars to their state for approval for continuing education credits.

You can view the list of upcoming Foundation webinars and register at our webinar page.

Newsletter Content

Foundation Press Releases
Please reprint our press releases in whole or excerpts to keep your members up to date on new Foundation developments. You can always find the latest press releases here.

Advertisements for Foundation Programs
Please help us to promote upcoming events and programs by running these ads in your chapter newsletter.

Personnel e.bulletin

The Foundation posts a new human resources bulletin each month. You can view the list of H.R. e.bulletins at this page. You have permission from the Foundation to reprint any of these articles, as long as you maintain the disclaimer and attribution statement at the bottom of the piece. As a courtesy, please also let us know when you are using one of these pieces with a quick e-mail to

Content from Industry Speakers & Consultants
The Foundation posts new business management articles to our homepage each month. These articles are written by marketing, H.R. and management experts from our industry and most are perfectly happy to have their articles reprinted in your chapter newsletter. Simply check the Articles and Resources section of the Foundation web site for pieces you might want to reprint. For these pieces, please be sure to contact the article author directly to secure permission for reprinting in your publication. As a courtesy, please also let us know when you are using one of these pieces with a quick e-mail to



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