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The Impact of Your Gifts: Clean Facilities for School Children Half a World Away
Education is our focus (it is right there in our name, after all). But not all education happens in ways you may expect. Seminars, workshops, online training, sure - we have that covered. But some of the things we are working on look much different.
2017 marked the third year in a row that the Foundation has supported the International Water and Sanitation Hygiene (IWSH) Foundation's Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC). This event started as a competition between US and international student teams to design & build plumbing systems for impoverished communities around the globe.
The competition has evolved into an event where those international student teams join with industry experts to come together to solve the challenges of delivering clean water and sanitary facilities to places where they are needed most.
Images from the 2017 Community Plumbing Challenge.
Last summer, that was a school in Cicau Village, Indonesia. The challenge - how to best address the needs of over 300 young students sharing just two toilets with no hand washing facilities.
Last August, design teams including students, apprentices, architects, designers, plumbers and engineers from five countries visited the site and began designing solutions for the school. Members of the local community did site prep work until the CPC team returned last November to build out the new plumbing and sanitation systems for the school. More renovation work will be done early this year by local students using the designs provided by the CPC team.
The results of the team's work will be long-lasting. Our U.S. student team brings back incredible hands-on experience, the current and future Indonesian students at the school benefits, and the local community has gained the experience to replicate the project at other schools where similar improvement work is needed.
A project of this scope can only be accomplished by joining forces with many other organizations - the IWSH Foundation, IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) and Worldskills are the event organizers. PHCC members have been involved with the CPC from the start, and anyone interested in helping with the 2018 program can contact us at The 2018 CPC will target a community in the United States.
So next time you think of the educational work that the Foundation does, remember that our education is also making an impact on the world stage. Thanks again to our contributors who make supporting valuable projects such as this one possible.
Check these YouTube videos for the story behind the Foundation's support, the Design Week and Construction Week Challenges.
Foundation sponsorship of 2017 CPC video
2017 CPC IAPMO Design Week Video

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