Communicating in a Crisis

From a presentation by Anthony Huey, Reputation Management Associates

Somewhere within every organization, a crisis is waiting to happen. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in five years; you can’t be sure what the crisis will be or when it will strike. But you can be surNews interviewe that a crisis will put your organization’s hard earned image and reputation up for grabs. That's why it's so important to be prepared, gain control and communicate effectively if one happens.

In a recent Foundation webinar, Anthony Huey with Reputation Management Associates helped contractors understand what they can do to protect the reputation and image of their business if a crisis strikes.

Click here for the tips and to listen to the webinar.

Some key takeaways -
 - Have a Plan
 - Names Spokespeople
 - Never Say ‘No Comment’
 - Deal with Crisis Head on & Immediately
 - Gather Information
 - Respond to EVERY question
 - Never Lie
 - Don’t Babble
 - Never Go ‘Off the Record’ & the Microphone is Always On
 - Eliminate Jargon

5 Key Points When Addressing Reporter’s Questions
 - Keep responses to 10 seconds
 - Always address, never dwell
 - Say the organization’s name often
 - Always end on the positive
 - Never get angry or frustrated

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