CONNECT 2012 Speaker Handouts

The CONNECT 2012 schedule was packed with great educational sessions organized by the Foundation and sponsored by Kohler Company. In case you missed the educational sessions or want to see a presentation again, here are the handouts from some of our great speakers.

Sessions Sponsored by Kohler

Sessions from Wednesday, October 3

How to Win the War for Talent
Get the RIGHT PEOPLE on your bus and the WRONG PEOPLE off! The labor force in America is shrinking, and your company’s future success is dependent on how many talented and motivated people you have working with you. Learn what you need to know to evaluate your talent, the hiring and firing mistakes people make the most, and how you can apply a proven project management approach to assuring that you’re getting the help you need and not scraping the bottom of the talent barrel.
Wayne Rivers, Family Business Institute

 - How to Win the War for Talent Presentation

 - How to Win the War for Talent - Time Log

The Lead Free Laws Are Coming...Are you Ready?
Lead-free plumbing products for potabel water use will be required nationally in January 2014. Begin preparing now for the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act so you understand what is required, including product installation differences. Learn how to prepare for compliance with the law and serve your customers with lead-free products.
Aaron Edds and Andy Granzow, NIBCO, INC.

 - Lead Free Presentation

60 Great Ideas in 60 Minutes
Join us for a fast-paced session designed to load your toolbox with quick ideas to improve your work and home life. We will highlight effective apps, web sites and software; share marketing tips, selling tools, management advice; and more. You are guaranteed to walk out of the room with great ideas to save time, money and have more fun. We'll want helpful hints from you, too—so start your list now!

 - 60 Great Ideas Presentation


Sessions From Thursday, October 4 

Quality Service Contractors - Ready, Set, Grow!
This session concentrates on identifying key performance indicators in your business. Methods will be identified to measure and hold your team accountable to established benchmarks.

 - Ready-Set-Grow-Executive Summary

 - Ready-Set-Grow-KPIs for Service Requests

 - Ready-Set-Grow-Technician Performance Board

Sessions From Friday, October 5

Hydraulic Separation—Moving Beyond Primary/Secondary Piping
Find out why primary/secondary piping is not necessarily a state-of-the-art approach in hydronic piping design. Although primary/secondary piping is one way to prevent multiple circulators from interfering with each other, it’s not the only way, or necessarily the “best” way to do so. John Siegenthaler will explain how to retain the benefits offered by primary/secondary piping, but without the need to construct a primary loop, and have a dedicated primary loop circulator. It’s value engineering at its best.
John Siegenthaler, PE, Appropriate Designs

 - Hydraulic Separation Presentation

All In The Family – Unique Challenges Faced by Family Businesses
Why is there such a low (estimated at 30 percent) survival rate for family businesses to last into the third generation? Family businesses are faced with challenges that others aren’t. Some of them include: communication between family members, internal conflicts within the family, succession of the heirs to the throne and generational issues. The business’s success depends on the alignment of the business goals and the personal goals of the family members. This seminar will offer ideas and strategies to help the family business navigate those challenges successfully while keeping peace at the family dinner table.
Michael Bohnic, CPA, Keeping Score Inc.

 - All In the Family Handout

Spend Less Time Working But Get More Done
Are you working hard or working smart? This course will help you implement planning and prioritizing techniques that enable you to meet deadlines. You'll learn how to organize all the pesky variables that clutter your mind, eliminate time wasters that prohibit productivity, streamline the process for finishing tasks you dread and use technology to finish your work six times faster.
Peggy Duncan, Personal Productivity Expert

 - Spend Less Time Working Handouts

Whole Building Retrofits: A Contractor/Supplier Demonstration
You’ve heard for years now that: you must look at the whole building, and that there are more and more opportunities to expand your expertise beyond the traditional scope of your trade. You’ve come to seminars and heard what you need to do, but it never just came together for you, so you don’t do it. Come to this session and watch a demonstration of a contractor and a group of suppliers partnering to develop the scope, provide multiple options for the customer, evaluate the costs, and deliver a fully integrated energy and water efficient solution for the building. You won’t leave thinking about what you offer in the same way!
Kirk Alter, Fast Management, Inc.

 - Whole Building Retrofits Presentation 

 - Whole Building Retrofits Sample Bid Package

Distribution Efficiency and Application of ECM-Based Circulators
Discover the inherent advantages of hydronic-based heat delivery. Find out how to design simple and yet elegant hydronic systems that deliver heat using less "distribution energy.” Impress your customers with your ability to help them reduce both fuel and electricity bills without compromising comfort. Industry expert John Siegenthaler will illustrate how to precisely move heat from where it’s produced to where it is needed using a fraction of the electrical energy required by poorly designed systems. He will also discuss applications for the latest Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)-based variable speed circulators. Learn how to apply these "smart" circulators in a wide range of systems, and how to promote their benefits to customers.
John Siegenthaler, PE, Appropriate Designs

 - Distribution Efficiency and Application of ECM-Based Circulators Presentation

You: The Intelligent Entrepreneur
What got you to where you are today will more than likely not get you to where you want to go tomorrow. Successful entrepreneurs – like you – often try to continuously RETURN to what got them successes in the past. Business history shows that that is not a pathway to success, but a road to mediocrity and ruin. That is not intelligent entrepreneurism! It’s time to make the commitment to reinvent yourself. Are you ready to make the commitment? Do you know the 10 rules of intelligent entrepreneurs? Are you really the same fiery, feisty business owner you were when you started with world- and market-changing ideas, or have you matured, relaxed…calmed down. Let’s relight that fire and reinvent the intelligent entrepreneur in you!
Kirk Alter, Fast Management Inc.

 - The Intelligent Entrepreneur Presentation

 - The Intelligent Entrepreneur - Biz Idea Scoresheet

 - The Intelligent Entrepreneur - Global Entrepreneur Scoresheet

Shameless Self-Promotion: DIY Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
When more than 80 percent of the people who turn to search engines to find what they need and want, will they find you? Or will they only find your competitors? In this session, you’ll discover free Web technologies that can boost your organic search engine rankings, turn your business into a magnet, promote your events and get the media to write about you. If you want to get found online without spending one red cent, learn how these do-it-yourself ideas will put you there.

- Generate online buzz by using the right combination of free tools that fit your needs.
- Boost your organic search engine rankings using online and offline tactics.
- Reduce time spent on social media by integrating and automating various tools.

Peggy Duncan, Personal Productivity Expert

 - DIY Search Engine Optimization Presentation Handouts

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