GPS Can Solve Your Top 5 Fleet Management Challenges

By Christian Home, FleetMatics

New technologies are changing the way contractors do business. Businesses with vehicle fleets face some unique challenges. A webinar recently hosted by the PHCC Educational Foundation covered the top five fleet management challenges faced by businesses with mobile assets and the business implications of these challenges. GPS tracking technology can help overcome or eliminate many of these fleet management issues. Below is an outline of the challenges and solutions discussed in the webinar. To view a recording of the session, please click here.

1. Controlling Fuel Costs
--Vehicle Location allows you to find nearest vehicle and route drivers efficiently.
--Alerts and Route Replay enable you to be notified of vehicle movement after hours as well as visibility to the route they took to get from A to B.
--Speeding Alerts allow you to receive alerts every time a vehicle exceeds the speed threshold you have set.
--Reduce Idling by being able to see engine on time.

2. Increasing Worker Productivity
--Having tracking allows you to virtually ‘Ride Shotgun’ with your drivers inevitably increasing their productivity.
--Having visibility to your fleet vehicles at all times allows you to route and dispatch more efficiently to cut time spent traveling.

3. Reduce Operating Expenses

--Set Maintenance Alerts by mileage or calendar time to ensure proper maintenance of vehicles which helps avoid breakdowns and increases longevity of the vehicle.
--GPS fleet tracking has been proven to increase worker productivity which means more work done during regular hours, and less overtime.
--Manual timesheets and payroll processes can be eliminated because all information is shown on the reporting features of the system.
--Communication costs are lowered because knowing the location of your vehicles will drastically reduce the number of calls made to drivers.
--Many insurance companies offer discounts for the security and safety benefits.

4. Increase Fleet Security
--Alerts can be set to notify you of vehicle movement after hours.
--Live location gives you the ability to pinpoint the location for recovery of vehicle.
--Route Replay shows the exact route the vehicle took so you are likely to be able to reclaim and materials and equipment discarded along the way.

5. Improve Customer Service
--Better routing and dispatching allows you to get to your customers faster and reduce wait times.
--Respond faster to emergency calls because you know where each vehicle is in the area.
--Ability to have proof of service with reports providing you information on when a vehicle arrives and departs from any job site giving you ample opportunity to handle customer disputes. 

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