PHCC Academy: Implement in Your State

In order to implement the PHCC Academy program within a given state, the PHCC Academy apprenticeship training program must be registered with the state registration/approval agency. This is usually a formality, but it is necessary to ensure that the credentials issued through the program are recognized by the state. This recognition is desirable because apprentices should be free to transfer completed training from one apprenticeship program to another.

Contractors who want to use this PHCC Educational Foundation program must secure state approval to use the program prior to enrolling students. The first step is to email the PHCC Academy to let us know your plans. We will help you identify the appropriate point of contact within the state agency charged with oversight of apprenticeship training. The state point-of-contact will walk contractors through the approval process. DOL sample paperwork is available by clicking here.

It is the responsibility of the apprentice to ensure that this program will be accepted by his or her state licensing entity and/or labor department BEFORE enrolling in the course.

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