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Matt Davin

The Essentials of Project Management class has been tremendously helpful and has improved our productivity and profits on a daily basis. [Lead instructor] Kirk Alter’s words “manage with numbers” ring in my ears every day. 

Shortly after getting back from the class we started a prefab shop and are currently under construction expanding it yet again. We also recently re-structured our office staff and better defined everybody’s roles. We are all trying to follow the same protocol and be more organized. It’s a bit uncomfortable at times but I think those are just growing pains….we will be a better company in the long run.

We also standardized our form letters and created some we did not have before. The biggest change has been the way we process change orders. They went from one pager to a multi-page document with labor, material, equipment, sub breakdowns and appropriate backup. It used to take weeks or even months to get an executed CO in most cases, but we have seen that time cut in half or even faster. We have a long way to go but we are definitely getting better. Thanks again!

Matt Davin
Kennedy Mechanical, Inc.
2010 Essentials of Project Management Course Attendee

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